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International Network FAMECOM C.S.O.
A group of professionals, with inter and transdisciplinary perspectives, that has decided to contribute to the development of the country, as constituent part of the wide and increasingly robust Third Sector. Our experience comes from different areas of scientific, technic and humanistic knowledge. We consider that our wisdoms and successful experiences, accredited for more than twenty years, can contribute to a better life in Mexico and other countries. We are guided by a deep interest in the life standards of individuals, families, communities, key groups and vulnerable groups, sectors, public and private institutions and organizations in general, as well as the full respect to human rights and our efforts to achieve equity, fairness and culture of peace.


Apply our knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences so that all projects of intervention, applied research, consulting services, evaluation, educational program or collaboration, contribute to the development of Mexico and it echoes internationally.


The International Network FAMECOM C.S.O. is a national and international reference of consultancy services for the development and living standard of individuals, families, vulnerable groups, key groups, organizations and the public, private and social sectors. It is identified because of its high professional capacity; its contribution in projects of intervention and applied research; its objective and systemic assessments of processes and results, and its technologic innovations in software development. FAMECOM represents a valuable benchmark because of its scientific-academic production, and the activities of outreach of knowledge.

Virtues we nurture

As members of the International Network FAMECOM C.S.O., we nurture a series of virtues that reflect the axiological perspective that identifies and groups us. In all actions, as well as in the projects and services we develop, we firmly maintain the following canons:


As a group of professionals, academics and technical staff, we translate as our enduring goal and target that, through the exercise of reasoning and a rigorous application of the scientific method, we manage to approach to the truth, meaning the root causes of human, social or cultural phenomena. We understand such goal as something unattainable, but our responsibility is to accomplish the best way to reach it, knowing it’s mutable in the space-time continuum.


We decided to create this International Network because we are characterized by the willingness and joy of sharing our knowledge, skills, experiences and professional capacities to contribute to the development of Mexico and other latitudes.


We share the idea of André Compte-Sponville, when he says that no person, or in this case association, is cause of itself. Our reason of existence and being is inextricably linked to the obvious and imperceptible work and contribution of many other social actors and circumstances surrounding each one of us. As an International Network, what we are able to contribute, perform and improve, is in debt with what other human beings have bequeathed us in knowledge, ideas and wisdom. Hence, we busily seek to prove that we are duty-bound to what we are and what has enriched us. It is time to help and contribute to the quality of life of the country and the world.


Our proposals, projects and actions, carefully designed and implemented, have and will have short, medium or long term consequences. Therefore, as a Civil Organization, we are forced to value its impacts and ensure that the maximum benefit for the greatest number of individuals, groups or institutions predominates.


We are defined by the generation of proposals and projects whose resources are adhered to the real and strict cost that, in every time, each item, component or factor that takes part in each project reports. We clearly note the scope of our services, courses, seminars, intervention projects, of research or actions. We declare systematically and scrupulously our taxes as a nonprofit organization to the relevant authority in Mexico. We render accounts of any project we operate with public or private funds.


We fight every day for equal rights stipulated legally or morally required. Hence our strong advocacy on human rights and combat of all forms of stigma, discrimination or humiliation of individuals, groups, sectors, organizations or institutions. In any contract, agreement, arrangement or project we make, we put ourselves in the place of those who ask us to collaborate, to design the best proposal with the highest quality, in order to grant viability and give it the highest value before whom requests it.