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International Network FAMECOM C.S.O.
As it can be seen in this space and in the printed documents, this Civil Organization has been recently created. A few months ago, its life and path began along with its first steps. However, people who made the decision to establish this International Network have a long standing career and a set of successful experiences in various disciplinary fields, applied research projects, consulting services and intervention projects. The authorship in each of the products and services generated has been patently recorded and edited by different institutions and publishing houses, both educational and entrepreneurial.

Therefore, in this space we have decided to make publicly available a series of covers and brief abstracts of all that we have produced substantively. All these evidences have become both a valuable result and accumulated knowledge that we now put at your service in our Network. The applied criteria to include a document or academic result in this collective curricular sheet is that at least one person who is part of this International Network has taken an active and essential part in such project or product, and has appeared as the author or coauthor.

As it can be seen, at all times we have been careful not to infringe the copyright of publishing houses or institutions of what we have previously published. Also, in this space of the Network, we have provided free access to full texts and, without charge to internet users, academic or consulting products that have been classified as free access items. At no point we intend to diminish authorial attribution to the new International Network FAMECOM C.S.O. However, individually, each of these evidences is part of our experience and the skills developed in advance. Today, we present it as our support for what will characterize us as a Civil Society Organization.

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